City Attorney Mike Aguirre said Wednesday that he is dropping his “back-up” pension lawsuit because he is satisfied that enough of his primary attack on past pension deals survived pre-trial hearings.

Aguirre’s major case will begin Oct. 25 in light of Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Barton’s decision earlier this week to clear the remaining hurdles the case faced. The city attorney is trying roll back about $500 million worth of retirement benefits that were granted in deals he claims are illegal.

The city attorney initially argued that eight former pension officials had a conflict-of-interest in the deals the city struck with its retirement board in 1996 and 2002, but a judge dropped all but three defendants from the case in April.

Before Aguirre decided to drop the case, the remaining defendants were pension administrator Larry Grissom, former Auditor Terri Webster and firefighters union president Ron Saathoff.

As of press time, the City Attorney’s Office hadn’t released the legal costs associated with the secondary challenge.


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