Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2006 | First off I think Lindbergh should be re-aligned and made bigger. It should be enlarged by moving terminals east on the other side of PCH. The parking needs to be moved. MCRD should be relocated to Camp Pendleton. When I went through boot camp in ’67, we spent almost half our training there anyway. For a large regional airport, Miramar is the answer. If the Marines left tomorrow, it would take years to build a new “state of the art” airport. Until then we need Lindbergh to be “the best it can be” I’m disappointed that we/I was misled that the Joint Strike Fighter was already destined for Miramar, now it seems Yuma is in the running. Yuma, it seems, would be a good fit. Cheaper housing for the families, lots of desert for flying, close enough to the carriers for sea training. I don’t like “political decisions” the Marines need to be honest in their assessments, they need to do the best for their mission. The airport authority has spent our tax dollars and now we need to vote as to what would be best for San Diego.

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