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Thursday, Oct. 26, 2006 | Guys like David Urban, who responded to Keith Taylor’s “A Weak Argument for The Muzzle,” are a curious specimen of resident that focus concerns on that which may be dangerous in the short term while forgetting that repression here at home will be a long term problem that will terrorize Americans for generations to come.

He and his fellow Dupes for Ending American Freedom are what Ben Franklin warned us about: those who trade liberty for security make a bad choice and deserve neither. It’s disgusting to find so many so-called “Americans” who are more akin to the Russians of Stalin’s old Soviet Union at heart pretending to be patriots. We need a less fearful, stronger people in this country who value American liberty, who recognize and respond to threats to it, both foreign and domestic. Urban and his skittish, blinkered kind don’t. Taylor, God bless him, does.

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