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Thursday, Oct. 26, 2006 | It looks like the council race in District 7 for 2008 is stacking up as a downtown insider versus a community volunteer and leader. As a resident in District 7, I no longer want downtown interests controlling how my community and neighborhood are run. I think there is clear evidence of what happens when insiders and big money run the show. You point out that April Boling is hoping to get the party nod just so she can get those big money donations. We all know that money comes with strings!

The bottom line is that April Boling has represented politicians, and downtown money interests while Johnnie Perkins commits his time to little league, soccer, Mission Trails Park, Kiwanis and other community organizations that benefit the kids and citizens of district seven. As citizens we must take back our community from the typical political machine and invest in community leaders like Johnnie Perkins who will put our kids and neighborhoods first, second and third.

I never trust anyone one “wishes to remain anonymous” because it usually means they are exaggerating or out right lying, or it means they have no idea what they are talking about and are just engaging in idol gossip and don’t want to be called on it.

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