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About all this U-T news: I just dug up a post I did in June about a reader who had gotten an odd call from a pollster for the U-T. Among the questions the caller asked was something on the order of this: “Is investigative reporting important to you?”

Given the apparent changes that are taking place at the U-T now, I hope they’re not a result of too many people answering “no” to that question.

The U-T deserves criticism and I’ve done my part, but their reporters have done some great work at times over the last few months and a community is worse off with less investigative journalism.

But we don’t know if that’s going to happen because there have been few public statements about the paper’s direction.

The U-T and the Copley family’s holdings are part of the fabric of this community. You can’t understand San Diego without trying to understand them. The U-T’s editors and leaders should be as public and open about what changes they might be on the verge of making – either to reassure us that a strong competitive media landscape will continue to develop, or to warn us to prepare for changes for the worse.


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