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The strangest political campaigns in San Diego this election season are those of Imperial Beach-surfer-turned-biker-turned-lifeguard-turned-IB mayor-turned-county supervisor-turned-south county Congressman-turned-living-with-mom-in-La-Costa-Congressman Brian Bilbray, and his karmic brother-in-arms Kourosh Hangafarin, a candidate for the mayor’s seat in Imperial Beach.

Dude – can you say carpetbagger?

Bilbray is fighting to prove that he lives with his mom in La Costa and that he doesn’t live with his wife and kids in Virginia or back at his ranch-style home on 9th Street in Imperial Beach.

Doesn’t bragging about living with your mom at the age of 55 seem a little lame? Even George Costanza was embarrassed about living with his parents. He once explained to Jerry and Elaine that, “Bald men with no jobs and no money who live with their parents don’t approach strange women.”

Not Brian.

Although Brian denies he is a resident of Imperial Beach, he is listed in the 2006 Imperial Beach Telephone Directory with a home phone number of 619-424-8633 (page 30). He is also listed in the July 2006 AT&T South and East County White Pages with the same Imperial Beach phone number (page 64). I also did a Peoplefinder search for Brian (try it). His residences are listed as Imperial Beach and Alexandria. His wife Karen is listed as living in Imperial Beach.

We need a grand jury investigation to figure this out?

Dude – if you’re going to pretend that you live in North County in order to be elected as a United States Congressman there, at least go to the trouble of changing your telephone directory listing.

The Imperial Beach mayoral candidacy of Hangafarin who was removed from a seat on the Port Commission by Dick Murphy for an unauthorized trade deal with Cuba, is our karma payback for Brian running for Congress in North County. As Brian moved back into his mom’s house in La Costa (is he living in the garage where his surfboard and wetsuit are?) to replace Duke in D.C., Hangafarin moved to Imperial Beach from Rancho Santa Fe to launch his candidacy for mayor. This has sparked outrage among the Republican political establishment of Imperial Beach – many of whom are strong allies and supporters of Brian. Apparently carpetbagging is only bad in Imperial Beach if done by Rancho Santa Fe residents, but OK for Imperial Beach homeboys who run in North County.

According to Imperial Beach Mayor Diane Rose, as of Oct. 30, Hangafarin had spent a total of $229,631 on his campaign to replace her. The previous record for Mayoral campaign spending was in 2002 when Rose opponent Ron Rogers spent $50,000, a portion of which was provided by Bajagua via the Lincoln Club of San Diego (although Bajagua denied this to the U-T). Whatever it is that Hangarfarin wants in Imperial Beach, it surely cannot be the attraction of chairing the horribly boring and endless city council meetings every other Wednesday at IB’s drab City Hall.

Whoever wins the Imperial Beach mayor’s seat (longtime IB residents Jim Janney and Bud Harbin are also running) should immediately enact residency requirements for political candidates and a very tough campaign finance reform law for Imperial Beach. Otherwise Brian might surprise us and pretend to live in Imperial Beach when he is really living with his mom in La Costa so he can once again run for office back in his hometown.


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