As you know by now, Tuesday is Election Day. And there’s a wordy question on the ballot that reads like this:

To provide for San Diego’s long-term air transportation needs, shall the Airport Authority and government officials work to obtain approximately 3,000 of 23,000 acres at MCAS Miramar by 2020 for a commercial airport, provided necessary traffic and freeway improvements are made, military readiness is maintained without expense to the military for modifying or relocating operations, no local taxes are used on the airport, overall noise impacts are reduced, and necessary Lindbergh Field improvements are completed?

It’s called Proposition A. I just call it the Miramar ballot proposal. It’s the county’s second try at moving Lindbergh Field to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. (The first was an advisory vote in 1994. Voters said yes, but Lindbergh is still at Lindbergh.)

And Prop A is a complicated question, with lots to consider. The Marines say the base is vital for national defense. Airport supporters say the fighter jets at the base could be moved somewhere else, clearing the way for commercial airliners to land.

Now, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority and its supporters say a yes vote on the ballot language gives them the chance to have a dialogue with the military about the base’s future. The military and its supporters say the authority has already had its opportunity for dialogue.

I doubt many of you are sitting on the fence on this issue. People are pretty polarized. But, I’m turning the forum over to you today. Do you have questions about the Miramar proposal? About air transportation in San Diego? About state Sen. Christine Kehoe’s examination of the authority’s future?

I’ll be answering your questions all day long. E-mail them to me and I’ll do my best to find answers for you.

And, for fun, let’s come up with a name for a new San Diego airport – if one is ever built. What do you think: Joe W. Craver International Airport? Shamu International Airport? Robert W. Davis International Airport? Send some ideas.


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