Frank De Clercq is right about one thing: the Business Process Re-Engineering effort undertaken by Mayor Sanders is a good thing. But without Prop C, Business Process Re-Engineering will die in the city of San Diego.

Prop C presumes that the city employees are given a chance (through BPR) to streamline their operations and find cost efficiencies. After all, city employees know these bureaucracies better than anyone else. They know where the fat is and they know where the “weak links” are in their offices. Once a streamlining plan is produced, however, taxpayers have to “check” that plan to make sure the city employees have indeed done everything they can to be efficient. Taxpayers need to know that they are getting the best service at the lowest cost. That’s where Prop C comes in!

Prop C specifically builds on the BPR process and then makes it accountable by “checking” the BPR plans devised by city employees through a competitive bidding process. If taxpayers do not pass Prop C, there will be absolutely NO reason for city employees to really cut costs and produce the most streamlined city services.

It is pretty simple: when we taxpayers go into the voting booth tomorrow, let’s think “Streamline…and Check.” Vote YES on Prop C.

Carl DeMaio

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