Spoke to a frazzled woman at the Registrar’s office a while ago. I was hoping to get some answers to some of the questions you’ve all been raising about privacy, security, the voting machines and all of that.

She said she’d pass along a message, but when I asked her if she might be able to answer a couple of basic questions, she issued a curt “have a nice evening.” Click.

I called back and spoke with a different woman just a few minutes ago, who said she’d pass along another message. She was a little nicer.

So it’s now nearly 6:30 p.m. and we haven’t gotten answers to our questions from the registrar.

It does seem that the problems reported with the voting machines were all this morning. Did any of you who voted later today encounter problems with the machines? Let us know. We’ll keep you posted on anything we hear from the registrar.


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