Bud Black is a quiet guy, a guy known for his number crunching approach to baseball and his diligent tutelage of the Angels pitching staff. So why would he leave the comfort of his old gig in Anaheim for the trials and tribulations of managing in the Big Leagues?

Sure, he knows San Diego. He went to SDSU with Tony Gwynn and he lives in Rancho Santa Fe. He doesn’t have to move his family, which has been a concern in the past for the 49-year-old former MLB pitcher. And he will most likely get a significant pay raise.

Said Black at his introduction Thursday night in San Diego: “I think back to the days when I was at Jack Murphy (Stadium) watching Gwynnee (Tony Gwynn) play, watching Gaylord Perry, Randy Jones and all the Padres who were there in the late ’70s when I was at State, now 27-28 years later I’m here full circle.”

I think he mostly wanted to get away from the Rally Monkey. And who could blame him:

File under useless information: Black was the starting pitcher for the Royals during the famous George Brett pine tar incident.

Barfield lands in Cleveland: And the Padres get Kevin Kouzmanoff? Since Sean Burroughs went down the tubes, San Diego has been desperately searching for a third-base prospect with power. This kid can hit, but range at third base is a question. And Barfield was clutch for the team last year. True, second basemen are easier to come by than third base power (check out the contract Aramis Ramirez gets this offseason). But Barfield seems like a high price.

I guess the team will have to change the following giveaway: Friday, June 8 against Seattle, Josh Barfield Replica BP Jerseys. And I’m sure Barfield jerseys are on sale at the Padres store.


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