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First of all, I suspect the mayor would be very surprised to learn that we are tied at the hip.

Second, your point about transparency is absolutely correct. When I sat down to do the blog, I tried to find the final 2007 budget on the city’s website. No luck. I could find the 2006 final and the 2007 proposed, but not the 2007 final. I also couldn’t locate the final Appropriations Ordinance (although I may not have been looking in the right place for that one)

Then I went looking for information on how much we will be spending in FY 07 on major maintenance. Couldn’t find that either.

I wanted to verify the payment to the pension plan. Couldn’t locate that.

The problem with running the audited financials in the U-T (when we finally get them) is that then you get very little level of detail. Top level numbers are nice, but the supporting schedules are where you find the meat.

You bet, the books on privatized city services need to be absolutely open. But we might want to be a little careful about profit sharing. In my world that also leads to loss sharing (Remember the ticket guarantee? That was essentially a profit sharing deal).


The backloaded pay raise figure I used assumes the police get the same level of raise that’s scheduled for MEA and Local 127. If you think I should add more, can you give me an amount?


Boy, do I wish I had those numbers. The other item of interest would be a schedule of turnaround times for advice requests from the other departments. Sort of like an “aged receivables” list.


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