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State Sen. Christine Kehoe, D-San Diego, has released a few of her recommendations for the airport authority. They were included in a summary report from her first hearing in October. Her second and final hearing to gather information on the possible overhaul of the authority happens Friday. Not a lot in these findings that she hasn’t said already, but they’re worth a look.

So what is she recommending?

  • Exploring options that retain the autonomous, independent nature of the existing airport authority, while requiring fiscal and land-use accountability.
  • Exploring a single-tier structure for the authority’s board. Currently the board employs a two-tier structure, with three full-time, paid board members and six members who receive stipends.
  • Exploring a board structure with seven members – each already an elected official – with broad geographic representation, incorporating an appointment process for all board members.
  • Exploring the reassignment of land-use responsibilities to another entity.
  • Requiring an independent taxpayer oversight committee for the authority.
  • Requiring the authority to comply with existing state and federal laws (such as the one prohibiting the civilian use of San Diego’s military bases, presumably) when proposing future airport sites.
  • Adopting a regional aviation plan for San Diego County that would coordinate aviation and ground transportation along with high-speed rail.

A link to the first hearing’s report is here.


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