As much as I try to embrace and understand our constantly changing world, there are some things that I just don’t get:

Jerry Sanders. Can anyone honestly explain to me the appeal of someone who believes fighting over the Mount Soledad cross is an example of groundbreaking public policy? Talk about someone who has absolutely no leadership charisma and stands for absolutely nothing. But then again – Sanders is the perfect mayor for San Diego. Elected to do nothing, say nothing and remain oblivious to the opportunities to recreate San Diego into America’s finest city. Okay – I mean he brings a little more gravitas to the seat than Dick Murphy. But maybe Jerry should spend some time with Rudy Giuliani and get some backbone and opinions and strive to make San Diego into a world-class city. What does he have to lose?

Nancy Pelosi Fighting for John Murtha. I loved the early newspaper reports after the election about the strategic genius of Nancy Pelosi and how she would knock the Democrats out of the park with a clean and honest U.S. Congress (please). And the first thing she does is go with John “Abscam” Murtha as the House speaker. I mean how old school can you get with Abscam? No one under 40 even understands the Abscam jokes on Seinfeld reruns. Murtha should be honored for his dignified leadership on Iraq, but he makes Brian Bilbray look like an ethics counselor. Now we’re stuck with Steny Hoyer who started his political career in 1966 as House speaker. Sounds like a new era. Or as Borat would say – Not!!

David Brooks. Last week Brooks, the nerdy New York Times columnist, attacked “Borat” as an example of how highbrow cultural elites pick on innocent lowbrow victims like rodeo fans and frat boys because the British comic didn’t make fun of Starbucks and Whole Foods. Brooks is as irritating as George Will talking about baseball. Borat a high-brow film? I’m sorry, but the film depicts a couple of hairy nude guys fighting over a “Baywatch” book. When did rubbing a butt into someone’s face become an example of high-brow culture? Brooks should stay away from popular culture and continue to concentrate on discussing really relevant stuff like the origins of conservative political theory and doctrine.

Football Flags on Cars. I really don’t care what football team you like unless it’s the Chargers. Honestly. I really, really don’t care if you like the Cowboys or the Raiders or you think you are cool because you grew up in Dallas and moved to the Bay Area after college and now live in San Diego and you have to show everyone how different you are with your non-Chargers car flag. Start a punk bank and smoke clove cigarettes if you need to prove you are different than the suburban masses that surround you. Flying the colors of any team besides the Chargers in San Diego is just really lame.

Waiting in Line to Shop. People quit their jobs to wait in line for days to buy PlayStation 3. Others are getting in shape to rush Wal-Mart on the day after Thanksgiving. Is something wrong with America? Do we have anything better to do than wait in line to buy crap we don’t need. Even Disneyland figured out how to bypass lines with the Fastpass. So do yourself a favor on this Thanksgiving holiday. Stay away from the mall. Hang out with your friends and family. Take a walk through the park like all those montage scenes from bad Thanksgiving movies that arrive this time of the year. Or, go for a stroll, or surf at the beach. Because Thanksgiving is the absolutely best holiday of the year.


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