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Monday, Nov. 20, 2006 | This is no time for philanthropy! That is the point of Scott Lewis‘ “Call to the Bazillionaires,” yes? Otherwise, I don’t see what Lewis is so worked up about.

The U-T asked rich people to voluntarily give up some money for the public good? How reckless! Seriously, Mr. Lewis, you need that Thanksgiving vacation more than the rest of us.

As for the rationale for a central library, the question is simple: should the people of San Diego share in-depth collections in literature, genealogy, car repair, business, history, etc? And if so, where should we put them? Call it a luxury if you like, but to a 21st Century city it’s a luxury like open space, speedy roads, responsive police, and clean beaches are luxuries. We can do without ’em, but we’d be poorer for it. So what sort of city do we want to live in?

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