Faithful Voice Readers:

I’m happy to have been invited back to host another day of Café San Diego.

As you will remember, last time I hosted the blog, we spent the day discussing

Doug Manchester’s proposal to redevelop the Navy Broadway Complex site on downtown’s waterfront.

Today I want to open things up a bit more and focus on issues that are important to readers, on any issues I’m most familiar with.

These include:

  • energy policy
  • changes in the political environment we can expect after the November elections
  • evolving power relationships as the city of San Diego moves toward a strong mayor form of government
  • latest changes in the downtown waterfront redevelopment debate
  • water policy issues, and
  • life in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach in the 1960s and 1970s, what we had, how we lost it.

Please e-mail or call in, (619) 463-9035, any questions or comments you would like to see discussed, and we’ll get things started.



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