Sunday, Nov. 26, 2006 | Every time I read a piece by Carl DeMaio or a report about him, I wonder who he is and how his crusade is bankrolled. It’s the old “cui bono” question. He seems to have more influence in the public arena than he would otherwise warrant. His organization is not a non-profit (or so I understand). Where does the money come from? Who are he and his organization benefiting? Who else sits on the board and who else is employed by his organization? What is his educational, financial and personal background?

It is long past time for full disclosure, preferably by a good investigative reporter. Politicians must undergo this sort of exposure. If he’s going to influence our public life as much as many elected officials, we need to know these things in order to decide whether his advice is intended to serve the welfare of the citizens in general or some hidden, privileged beneficiaries.

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