Sunday, Nov. 26, 2006 | Someone should inform John Hartley that the “district elections” for City Council of which he is so fond have resulted in only one thing: eight sitting councilmen who are only interested in how to please the residents of their own districts. That’s how we end up with a City Council like the one presently in office. No one cares about anything that has no effect on their own district (and thus no effect on their reelection). Small-minded, unqualified, parochial little politicians, that’s what the election system favored so much by Mr. Hartley has given us. And just look at the wonderful results!

We must return to the previous council electoral system: district only primaries (this ensures that whoever is ultimately elected represents the interests of his district) followed by a city-wide general election (to force candidates and councilmen to consider all city issues with due diligence).

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