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Pension and Healthcare Q&A with reader DW:

Q: Do you see the city or county changing their existing pension plans in a manner that would hurt existing workers and retirees?

A: Not unless the courts determine that the pension benefits were approved illegally, in the case of the city.

Q: Do you believe they should consider adopting new tiered pension plans which only impact new employees hired in the future, while leaving the pension benefits of older workers and retirees intact?

A: I think it’s absolutely critical that new pension plans are adopted for new hires.

Q: Also, do you believe that local governments and private companies should continue to provide free retiree health care for life?

A: A firm “NO.”

Chargers Q&A with reader JG :

Q: I wonder if you could talk about the association’s official position re the Chargers staying/relocating/receiving subsidies.

A: The association has not taken a position on the Chargers staying or relocating, and I don’t anticipate a position will be taken until there is a specific plan available to review.


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