Friday, Dec. 1, 2006 | I feel the citizens of San Diego are being scammed.

What in the world makes us think that Mayor Jerry Sanders cares one bit about our future? I mean the city’s future. A long time ago, the Ocean Beach pier needed to be repaired after a storm. Our own city workers could have done it however, we contracted out the job. A bid of $250,000 (sound familiar? KPMG) was put in.

After the company scraped about half the pier’s lead paint into the ocean some of the surfers got sick.

After a couple millions dollars later and a year or so, the pier was fixed.

Go ahead and listen to this guy and see what you get. I can’t wait to see the letters in a few years from now. The blame will fall somewhere besides city employees finally. Because none of them will be here.

By the way, when you go into a restroom at the beach, look around. That stuff on the wall is human feces. A contractor will not clean that off. And when you have no toilet tissue remember, you voted not to have Park and Recreation employees. So grab a leaf and bring a shovel so you can find your way to the toilet.

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