Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2006 | Chuck Long came here spouting optimism. This was his team and it was about winning now – this was the team he was going to win with. The salaries garnered by him and his assistants were as high as the hype. There were to be no excuses. The result has been a football program in shambles. Anyone that thinks that SDSU is better off for having had this nightmare season is smoking something. Bad play calling, poor game plans and poor use of personnel were the hallmarks of Long & company. In the end, Long was reduced to blaming the program, the fans, or lack thereof, the lack of discipline on his team and anyone other than himself and his high-priced assistants. If he has any integrity, Long should refund a substantial portion of his exorbitant salary – he hasn’t earned it and he ought to acknowledge that. Oh yes, he did institute team praying on the field after games. I suggest he do it before the game starts like the rest of us long-suffering supporters.

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