Monday, Dec. 11, 2006 | What is being done to increase the complement of our police department?

We know what the problem is, money, that is to say salaries and benefits. Can any citizen blame the officers for changing departments? Of course not.

However, we can blame the police administrators. Other than putting ads in the papers and openings on city bulletin boards, what is being done?

As a start, where has Chief Lansdowne been keeping himself? Shouldn’t he be out and about at two and four year colleges, giving pep talks to graduating seniors about careers with the department?

If the mayor has more money to pay Kroll, to hire a polling company at $41,000 especially when he already knew his Office of Ethics and Integrity was failing and to hire god knows how many high priced employees, why is there not enough money to raise police wages? Benefits?

The answer is to stop spending; get rid of the OEI, the CCDC (it has outlived its usefulness), and all other wasteful spending and get back to protecting the citizens.

There is really no protection against crime in this city. Not now.

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