Monday, Dec. 11, 2006 | We still have a hefty amount of NW swell in the water, but now that the storm associated with this system has passed, mostly messy conditions are left over. Another NW’er is bearing down on the coast now, but this will be somewhat smaller. As weather improves this week, NW will diminish, but more NW is being tracked for the end of the week, although weather is possible then as well.

Right now, the SE Papa Buoy, located 600 nautical miles west of Eureka (in our 24-36 hour swell window), has climbed once again, signaling the next NW with heights checking in at 28 feet with some long and strong 17-second periods.

The California Buoy has yet to see this incoming NW and is hovering around 17 feet with 14-second periods. Closer to the coast, the Half Moon Bay buoy is at 13 feet with only 14-second periods and Cape San Martin buoy is at 11 feet with 15-second periods.

Overall, the swell energy in the water shows NW periods averaging 14 seconds from 300 degrees, yet a good amount of westerly wind swell is coming in with 8-10 second periods.

In SoCal, wave heights are running head high to a few feet overhead at most west facing breaks, chest to at times head high at south facing spots. Note that the OC region is seeing a good deal of island blockage today, resulting in some smaller size.

Northern California and the Central Coast are seeing sets running DOH at most west facing breaks with some pluses still coming in a little bigger. South facing breaks are running head high+.

Since most areas have seen rain in the past 24 hours, we are facing the possibility of increased bacteria levels from runoff. As a reminder, there is a risk of increased bacteria levels through a period of at least 72-hours following the end of any measurable rain event. Water contact should be avoided during this period, especially within 100 yards of drainpipes, creek outlets, river mouths, etc.

The tide is at manageable levels now, and will be for most of the week. Our next tidal swing will be noticeable by the weekend when early AM sessions push the…[more]

Water temperatures are averaging 60 degrees in San Diego, 60 in Orange County, 61 in LA, 59 in Ventura County, 60 in Santa Barbara, 59 along the Central Coast, and 57 degrees in NCal.

Winds as of 7:00 this morning were trending onshore with the strongest winds clocking in around Oxnard and Pt. Mugu to 15 mph. Onshores are expected to remain problematic today, reaching 15-18 mph by late morning or early afternoon. On Monday…“target=”_blank”>[more]

Another NW Monday…[more]

More NW by end of the week…[more]

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