Friday, Dec. 15, 2006 | I keep hearing all these reasons why we should not even try to impeach Bush – to these who shiver over just the thought I ask, “well why not then open all the prison doors and let all the prisoners free and be fair about it.” Why should the president of the United States be immune to justice?

I even read one comment; we shouldn’t impeach him because he is the president. We the people made him president. Now that must be a really smart person, I bet he went to college, I didn’t, I guess I’m not that smart, because I always thought that’s why we impeach presidents because they are president, otherwise, we wouldn’t impeach them, we would just have them arrested.

There must be justice for everyone who breaks the law especially the president, otherwise we have no justice.

Our country will only get worse if we don’t impeach the president and it will only get better if we do.

When I talk money, people don’t like to hear it, because we are all guilty of loving money. Money, we are taught, makes us happy and the goal is to get as much of it as you can, so therefore the most righteous is the richest, so our subconscious tells us.

In this regard, Bush is seen by many as a very righteous man having made many rich, or better off because of this invented war on terror. Stock brokers, investors, oil companies, OPEC, and even federal and state governments who profit off royalty taxes of gas and oil. I suspect, and I bet if I could do a survey, we will discover that I am right. Individuals who are directly or indirectly profiting from his war on terror will support Bush, and all the rest can just go to hell, and we will. Having created too many enemies, too much debt and ignored global warming for too long.

And I’m sure that there will be a few who have bought the terror threat and believe in the invented cause. But the real threat never existed until it was created by the real terrorist G.W. Bush, who is more than a terrorist, but also a thief who stole our money, shared it with his friends on the promise of a wonderful life for him and his daughters. The American dream stolen from us Americans.

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