Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2006 | Disappointing to see that the expensive public relations effort of the water district has entrapped you as well as The San Diego Union-Tribune.

As a critic of the effort to make potable San Diego’s “previously owned water,” let me summarize the findings of the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources when it analyzed the proposal in “Toilet to Tap: San Diego’s Water Repurification Proposal” for a 1997 public hearing.

a. It is disingenuous to claim Colorado water is already “reused.” Only a tiny percentage of the daily flow of the Colorado is reused. The San Diego plan calls for a 50/50 ratio of Colorado water and “reused” water.

b. San Diego’s Colorado allotment should be good for at least 30 years.

c. The cost of building a “repurification” facility that is safe would make the water the worlds most expensive.

d. To save costs the San Diego engineers came up with a cheaper proposal (using massive amounts of chlorine) which at least some experts regarded as a health hazard.

e. The constituency for this water is the biotech industry – not thirsty consumers. But they don’t want to pay for it with a special rate.

And there are others – none of which involve “yuk.”

Did you read the government report that shut down this plan in 1997? Nothing has changed

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