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Thursday, Dec. 28, 2006 | “The 7 (Mostly Funny) Wal-Mart Objections” by Gary Sutton caught my eye because I thought it would actually be funny. But as I read, it became more like trying to not look at a grisly car crash.

By about the fifth paragraph I had given up on the idea of responding with a point-by-point refutation. Instead I was wondering why he is blaming so many ills of the world on labor unions while at the same time trying to come off as the champion of the working stiff.

The answer lay at the very end of the page; “Gary Sutton is a retired CEO.” Of course!

A corporate executive who writes an anti-union screed and then tries to make the reader believe his motivation is some altruistic concern about consumer choice is simply displaying his intellectual dishonesty.

Sutton’s thin veneer of concern about those who need to save money on a pencil is lost to his abhorrence of anything that might interfere with those all-important corporate profits. To the CEO it doesn’t matter one whit who or what they destroy in their quest for more and more money.

I have recently come to look to voiceofsandiego.org as a viable alternative news source, but I can certainly do without the same right-wing greed-is-good drivel that can be found every day in the U-T.

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