Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2007 | I am responding to Richard Rider’s article, “City Employees’ Other Pension.” The continued comparisons between public and private sector benefits are apples and oranges. Those types of comparisons are invalid from the start. Everyone makes choices. The public employee generally has a lower base salary but enjoys better retirement benefits. They make that choice when they begin employment. The private sector employee also makes a choice. So please, if you want to make comparisons, do so within the group.

Secondly, your reference to the SPSP program as a second pension is interesting. I believe if you stretch out base salary increases over the long haul versus matching employee dollar contributions, the city saves money.

Lastly, your reference to gold-plated health care makes no sense whatsoever. I am a police officer and I pay $7,473.84 into my premiums yearly. I suppose you could call that gold-plated by comparison, but I paid for it.

Not unlike your neighbor who has a new car every year and you cannot afford one. He paid for it. Keep up the dialogue. The public deserves to hear both sides of the coin

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