A $40 million Rancho Santa Fe estate was the Los Angeles Times’ home of the week yesterday.

Here’s a taste of the features of the nearly 9-acre estate:

…it has enough features, as the saying goes, to choke a horse. Among them are equestrian facilities such as a barn, a manager’s office and nine horse stalls. For a trot before supper, there are nearby trails. There are also pastures and two training arenas. …

The compound also has a caretaker’s house, an orchid greenhouse, two pools, including one 50 feet long, a gym, a tennis court and parking for 11 cars and two golf carts. There is an entertainment pavilion with a restaurant-quality kitchen, wood-burning pizza oven, sports bar, dining for 24, waterfalls and a koi pond. And there is a two-story guest suite plus a two-bedroom guesthouse.

I did a quick search on ZIP Realty for homes in the county with price tags reaching more than $10 million. Twenty-nine properties fit the bill (free registration required to view details), and the Times-featured estate is one of seven homes over $20 million on the market.


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