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Woman Who Loves a Soldier writes:

Jeff, thank you for the gift of understanding you’ve provided in this blog. I’m dating a retired soldier who participated in the 2003 Iraq invasion. He exhibits the characteristics of PTSD you describe. He has a hair trigger temper and the smallest things set him off. He trusts me, so he turns his anger on me. It can be frightening. In between, I see who he used to be. I want to help but he is in huge denial. If I suggest help, he will become enraged and turn on me. What can I do?

Have him talk to his military buddies about this. None of us has the right — or wants to — put our loved ones through hell. He deserves to be happy now that he’s home. From a brother in arms to another, I’m telling him that he has to train for a healthy life with the same deliberation that he trained for war. If we can’t get home — all the way home — then what was all that fighting for?

For you though: Be safe above all. 


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