Smck writes:

Hi, Jeff. Some thoughtful writing here, but I wonder, what are you suggesting the average reader do about this support issue, unless of course they happen to work for the VA? Is this something to be addressed at the polls?

I certainly hope we have enough of a long-term memory to reward or punish those elected leaders for their performances.

The good news is that a lot of veterans themselves are getting organized, groups such as Iraq War Vets Organization and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. I’m sure there are others.

Two things worry me, though:

  • I want partisanship to be set aside. Democrat or Republican shouldn’t matter. To me, we take things too far when it comes to ideology. If we can spend a billion per month on Iraqis, we can spend millions per month on veterans.
  • I want all veterans groups — not just war-specific groups — to participate in the larger community and debate.

Partisanship pisses me off. For example: We should stop telling people they’re not patriotic if they are criticizing the government. I know some people love America the way they love their mothers; if you say a bad word against her, the fight is on. As for me, I love my country the way I love my daughter; when she’s misbehaving, I correct her, and go right on loving her. And I’d die for her in an instant.

So yes. Read up and use the polls. (But the fact that you are thinking about this tells me you will.)



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