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A comment from Doug:

Jeff- Thanks for writing this. Reading it has given me some insight into a close friend of mine who can’t sleep after recently returning from 16 months in Mosul and Baghdad. He does not like to talk about it and I do not like asking him. I’m going to email your story to him; I think it will help. Thanks again, for your story and for your service.


Please do. And feel free to have him contact me. (I go to a weekly group session at the Vet Center that is a good way to talk about issues like that.) Co-Editor Scott Lewis can put him in touch with me. Or, he can call the Vet Center directly. It’s located at:

2900 6th Ave

San Diego, CA 92103.

Phone: (619) 294-2040.

By the way: Sleep is the most basic need for recovery, with everything else built on that. I got an ass chewing last night from a counselor who is mad at me for not taking medication to sleep. I hate taking medication — and I don’t like going to doctors either — but apparently it’s trial and error with dosages etc.

Personally, I’d rather live medication free — and that’s a goal of mine that is probably a year or so down the road. (In sha Allah / God willing.)


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