I just got this e-mail from Jeanne Wong, a resident of the Linda Vista Village Mobile Home Park, in response to my story today about the city’s land sales:

I live at this mobile home park. I tried for nine months last year to get the Mayor’s Office to tell me whether they had any intentions of selling the park. They would not respond with an answer. Finally, in September, through another source, I was told that the Mayor’s office said that there had been no discussions regarding selling the park.  A deliberate lie!!!!! There are 220 families in this mobile home park who will be affected. They have a right to know what the City’s intentions are before reading it in a newspaper!!! They also have the right as a whole to bid on the park, but the City knows this and also knows that it would take significant time to prepare for this. Therefore, as usual, the City does not inform the residents of the park.  

I just retired last year and purchased a new home in the park. My future and the future of 220 families is in jeopardy!!! Even if a buyer said they were going to keep the property as a mobile home park, they could change their minds after the purchase. Also, they could raise the rents as much as they want. The people in this park have low-to-moderate incomes. The new Mayor is doing what every mayor has done since the beginning of time… he is selling City property off!!! They can’t manage their budgets and so they sell off property and lay people off. I thought this Mayor was full of NEW ideas! Nothing new about this!!!


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