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Couple of weekend points:

  • Looks like I broke news when I mentioned this morning on the radio that the USS Reagan will have to go on another deployment only six months after returning from its first one.

The U-T just posted a more complete account of the surprise deployment.

Two Navy spokesmen said the Reagan probably will spend several months filling in for the Kitty Hawk, the Japan-based carrier that is unavailable because it’s undergoing routine maintenance. The sources requested anonymity because Pentagon policy forbids them from providing such information before an official announcement.

This is a big deal. A lot of families are going to feel this. All of the carriers, apparently, will be on stepped-up deployment schedules.

  • If you’re interested in football and haven’t seen this great piece of sports/feature writing in the CityBeat, check it out.
  • About my post below comparing the water main breaks in Phoenix to those in San Diego, a reader asked if I could compare the water rates in the two cities. I’m exhausted but here are the two links: Phoenix water rates; San Diego water rates. Perhaps a reader with some spread-sheet sense could compare them for me. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until I’ve cleaned out the cobwebs in my brain.

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