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Despite what I reported in my last post, it looks like we won’t be getting all of the answers from the Mayor’s Office that I promised you. At least not yet. But do not fear: Though I won’t be hosting this blog on Tuesday, I’ll be sure to post an update on This Just In.

However, let me share with you what I did find out.

My original post about trash was prompted by this question from JB:

Is Jerry talking to any of the trash companies about taking over the City Refuse Collection, Mira Mar landfill or Recycling service?? The big three Waste Management, EDCO, Allied Waste ie: Pacfic Waste control about 95% of all the cities commercial market and have exclusive trash contracts with all 17 cities in San Diego County. All three companies collectivity bundled $$$$$ to Sanders and Faulconer.

I asked the Mayor’s Office, and a response is pending. But before trying to figure out what city services could be taken over, I thought it would be helpful to figure out what the city does, in fact, own. (A spokesman for the city’s Environmental Services Department corrected JB by pointing out that Miramar doesn’t actually belong to San Diego; we lease it from the military. I’ve been told a list of what the city does in refuse collection and recycling is forthcoming.)

During my brief chat with one of the mayor’s spokesmen, I asked about plans to bring managed competition to the city’s water and wastewater departments. Though full-blown privatization is still far in the distance he seemed to think that managed competition would happen in the near future, once the legislation implementing the November ballot initiatives is in place. However, a final verdict on that is forthcoming, too.

Sorry for the suspense.


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