Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2007 | Even though our concerns were not validated by the City Council, there is still the outstanding issue of the high probability of active faulting on the Navy Broadway Complex. All submitted scientific evidence points to active faulting on liquefiable soils. Which, if confirmed and acknowledged, will make the project uneconomical to build and according to the 2006 Downtown Community Plan will be turned in to open space and parks. Please read the appeals and see the figures showing active faulting, anticlines, or anomalies through the Navy Broadway Complex in the exact location were high-rise structures are planned on liquefiable soils before commenting on the motives of individuals. A more urgent matter is that according to published articles, Manchester will start construction of the Navy Building in February 2007 without a valid fault investigation. Since the new Navy Building is on federal land, the city will not be issuing building permits before construction. We are pleading with the city to convene a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP), an ad-hoc committee, or a taskforce consisting of the same experts who provided guidance on the Coronado Tunnel fault investigation of the same Coronado fault in 2006.

The City Council through CCDC can still withhold their blessing of the Master Plan until the outstanding seismic and geologic issues are resolved for the benefit of everyone. Public safety is everyone’s concern.

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