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Thursday, Jan. 18, 2007 | I am ordinarily an admirer of Scott Lewis but I am one who thinks he is wrong in touting a new city hall over a library. He also appears to praise CCDC, an organization whose purpose always confuses me. This morning I was even more confused when I read in The San Diego Union-Tribune that its president, Nancy Graham has received a $65,000 bonus after a year in office. That is on top of her $235,000 annual salary and a “signing bonus” of $25,000 when she took the job. She also receives a $750 per month car allowance, four weeks vacation, and a “benefits package.” You’d think at that salary she could pay for her own car, and maybe receive a mileage allowance if she used it for work.

Now, Scott, would you please tell me what she and CCDC does.

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