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There are two main worries that came out of the Carol Lam sacking this week: 1) the worry that she was forced to resign because she was in the middle of investigating powerful people, and 2) the related worry that she will be replaced with an interim appointee who — because of recent changes to the law — won’t have to get confirmation from the U.S. Senate.

In other words, the fear is that the Bush administration would replace Lam with a loyal political crony.

Since her dismissal came during an apparent clean sweep of U.S. attorneys around the country, these are worries shared by observers nationwide.

But there are signs that these dismissed attorneys may be replaced the normal way. The site has done some great work following up on this issue.

TPM says the U.S. attorney dismissed in New Mexico will most likely be replaced in the conventional way with the U.S. Senate signing off on whoever Bush appoints.


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