Mayor Jerry Sanders is soliciting bids for new software to replace the current systems, which the city’s staff has criticized for being antiquated and difficult to use.

Replacing outdated information technology was also a suggestion of Kroll, the consultancy firm that investigated the city’s past financial dealings. Kroll recommended that the city should identify the changes it needs to make to its systems by June 30.

In a statement, Sanders said he wants to solicit a new software provider in order to better accommodate payroll, accounting, contracting and financial reporting at the city.

Right now, we are forced to rely on these mainframe computer-based systems, many of which were developed more than 30 years ago, for the majority of the City’s financial planning and accounting efforts. The current systems create a host of problems because they cannot easily integrate modern software and force City workers to manually shift from one program to another.

Our current system is so bad that our accountants have to shift between four or five separate programs just to pay our bills. It’s slow, costly and is part of the larger problem we have in efficiently managing the City’s resources.


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