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Heard from reader MS today with alternative adjectives to “chic” for downtown La Mesa, in response to my story today.

MS doesn’t see the chic-factor anywhere, but does suggest these descriptors:

Perhaps quaint; funky; “villagely” (if that’s a word);  friendly; “haimishe” (in Yiddish), but definitely not “Chic”.

That Yiddish word means “homey; cozy and unpretentious,” according to

And on a related thread on the Piggington real estate blog, a poster there contributed another rosy-glassed description for North County housing development Del Sur:

Few American cities have a more idyllic story to tell than San Diego. Here, amid the gently rolling hills of La Jolla Valley, historic hideaways like Fairbanks Ranch and Rancho Santa Fe found their roots. Spanish “silver dons” and vaqueros rode the dusty trails on Black Mountain Ranch.


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