Thursday, Feb. 1, 2007 | The Park and Recreation Board meeting on Jan. 31 brought Ronne Froman out to explain Mayor Sanders’ plan for breaking up the department to save money. It also brought out a passionate plea from Councilwoman Donna Frye, speaking on behalf of the peasants who pay taxes for park and recreation and also volunteer regularly, who hunger for more open space and open pools instead of expensive consultants. Over 22,000 San Diegans volunteer for Park and Recreation. Frye feels the legislative branch of San Diego government was left out of the decision making of the executive branch in this move. Almost 200 people showed up to defend their park and recreation teams, to tell the board that this is a people business rather than a bean counting business. Mayor Sanders has come and Mayor Sanders will go, but his decimation of park and recreation will last decades. Mayor, listen to the peasants before making a change.

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