The early bars of Ravel’s “Bolero” predict what will follow. The sound is backed by a light touch of percussion which intensifies as the music progresses into full orchestral mode and insistent drum beat.

The same could be said of the new vision for San Diego’s waterfront which was launched this week. The early sounds came from something said last spring by former State Senator Steve Peace during an Envision forum on the airport issue. He implied that the debate over the proposal to put a commercial airport at Miramar would become a growth, no-growth issue. And truly, how many of us would vote for a measure that would result in more people and more traffic?

The Miramar option failed, reinforcing Lindbergh’s role in the region’s future — and the drumbeat quickened. Now, a revised Lindbergh is seen as the anchor for a new San Diego waterfront by an emerging band of drummers including Peace, Supervisor Ron Roberts, a group called the California Independent Voters Project, and Petco developer John Moores. On Tuesday, they rolled out their waterfront proposal for the press and the public — and the drumbeat intensified. Why this assortment of advocates? What’s in it for them and for San Diego? More to come…


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