Friday, Feb. 2, 2007 | This whole idea is just short of being really stupid!

While I think the idea should be discussed openly (but briefly), there are a few details missing from the entire debate regarding both the waterfront and Lindbergh Field. The downtown “boosters” seem to forget the fact that the sea is rising due to either global warming or climate change — whatever you want to call it, but the sea is rising! Unless of course the idea is to build an underwater park! These people need to get a grip and think for a change!

And MCRD is on the historical register — it’s not moving now or anytime soon.

Further, I think someone should check the environmental disaster sitting on the north side of Lindbergh Field — Convair used to be there building planes and using god knows what kind of chemicals for over 70 years — what’s the cost of remediation? Twenty years ago the Lockheed Plant (was called USAF Plant 19 years ago) was estimated at a minimum of $20+ million to remediate, Convair’s Plant 1 would be at least double that!

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