I heard one of the best theories yet this weekend about why U.S. Attorney Carol Lam and six other U.S. attorneys were removed from office recently by the Bush Administration.

It was political, the speculation goes, but not for the reasons we’ve talked about.

You have to look at the fact that six other U.S. attorneys left at the same time a wise source told me. That implies something different from just an attack on Lam and her work.

Then I also noticed, this bit of blogging and reporting.

The theory is simple: Though politics had something do with Lam’s ouster, Bush didn’t necessarily want to get rid of Carol Lam because of the political consequences of her work, as many have speculated.

It may have had more to do with providing other Republicans with the resumé-building power of the title of U.S. attorney. In other words, the title “U.S. attorney” is a commodity itself that can be handed out to loyal friends whose careers it is in the Republicans’ interest to facilitate.

Sounded like an interesting way to think about it.


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