‘Good Morning, This Is Lateisha’: In the mechanized phenomenon that is the all-night fast food drive-thru, Lateisha Parker works and dreams behind the sliding window.

In Soil, Man Toils in Life, Death: In a county marked by perpetual sunshine, Alan House, an owner of a Christmas tree farm in Alpine, is winter’s caretaker.

A New School of Fish: The face of the storied tuna industry in San Diego today less resembles a weathered fisherman with a knit cap than it does a savvy international businessperson or the corporate taste tester.

Building a Career, (Lego) Brick by Brick: Eric Hunter is a builder, but not a typical one. Instead of working with steel, wood and glass, Hunter builds with bricks — Lego bricks.

Painting India’s Star: For 30 years, Chuck Thomas has worked as a painter on the Star of India and the San Diego Maritime Museum’s other ships on Harbor Drive.

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