In response to John who wrote:

Perhaps, Steve, you’d enlightened the good people about your relationship with Pasha. As a former car dealer (you sold your Cush holdings recently, right?), how much would you say you saved by storing cars in National City rather than your own car lots? A bundle, I imagine.”

I have not been an automobile dealer since Jan. 9, 2006. All dealers in the United States, whether they are domestic or import car dealers, pay the same price for cars. There are no volume discounts. There was no advantage to us whether the cars came in through San Diego or through Seattle. Pasha does not distribute cars. The automobile manufacturers distribute cars on a very rigid formula based on sales. Dealers do not pay storage or finance fees until the cars are distributed to them.

Concerned Citizen wrote:

I was wondering what your thoughts are on the possible Chargers Stadium sites on the bayfront in either Chula Vista or National City. I’m a huge fan and I was looking for your insight about the feasibility of either site. Is it at all doable or are the Chargers exhausting all options so they can BOLT! San Diego. Personally I would love to see a stadium near the water, like they have in San Francisco.

And Las Vegas Chargers wrote:

Is the National City Chargers’ Stadium dead? If so, could a stadium work on Chula Vista’s bayfront?

I have been the point person on this issue for the Port of San Diego for the past six months. I have worked with National City and Chula Vista on the possibility of a Charger stadium in their cities. Each city has multiple challenges. But I believe they both continue to be possible sites. This is a very important regional asset and we need to be vigilant in attempting to retain the Chargers.

I absolutely believe the Chargers are men of their word and are exhausting all efforts to stay in our region, specifically they have proven this by their unwillingness to discuss moving anywhere. They really don’t want to “BOLT.”


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