Slate weighs in today on has been widely acknowledged: The 700-mile border fence approved last year between the United States and Mexico will likely never be built.

The story says:

The exorbitant costs, the difficulty of appropriating funds, the construction challenges along rough patches of terrain, and local opposition to shorter sections of fence already under construction suggest that it will be almost impossible to construct such a massive barrier.

It checks in with San Diego attorney Cory Briggs, who has twice sued over fence construction between here and Tijuana.

Cory Briggs, a lawyer who represented the Sierra Club and other groups in their attempt to sue DHS, said that he expects other environmental groups along the border to fight attempts to build more fencing if the federal government were to proceed. “I think that enviros learned a valuable lesson on the San Diego-Tijuana border fence and will therefore be much more active on the 700-mile fence,” said Briggs.


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