The annual auction by the office of Dan McAllister, county treasurer/tax collector, to recoup missing tax dollars from properties carrying more than five years’ outstanding property taxes will take place Friday morning.

As of Wednesday, the count for properties in such straits was 87, including many timeshares, undeveloped lots and houses. McAllister said Thursday that many affected property owners were “scurrying” to balance their accounts with the county and there would be fewer than 87 actually auctioned.

“We’ve winnowed down quite a number of them,” he said. “Why they get religion after the fifth year is beyond me.”

The auction is held the final Friday of February each year. Last year’s auction featured about 100 properties, McAllister said.

The auction will be at 9:00 a.m. Friday in Room 28 of the Convention Center at 111 West Harbor Drive.

You can see what properties are actually available by clicking here.


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