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Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2007 | Re: “In Otay Mesa, Builders Push Hard to Convert Land,” I thought San Francisco city government was corrupt when I lived there. San Diego makes San Francisco look like a model of integrity. For San Diego city planning officials and Councilman Ben Hueso to claim there is no undue influence or favoritism when developers pay for something the city is supposed to pay for (community plan updates) is beyond ridiculous.

As for the proposed housing in Otay Mesa: San Diego does not need more housing or people. We do not have adequate infrastructure (roads, sewers, water delivery) for the people already here. The affordable housing crisis that people scream about is non-existent. If you want cheap housing, move to Missouri or Mississippi. There is plenty of inexpensive housing there. Thus, no crisis — just a lot of people demanding what they can’t afford and don’t deserve. Accommodating those people will turn San Diego into an overcrowded, polluted, gridlocked, noisy hell-hole, and will result in the loss of an irreplaceable coastal environment.

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