After squaring off during a heated budget battle last month, Mayor Jerry Sanders and Council President Scott Peters announced today a tentative compromise on the council’s oversight of the mayor’s budget management.

The compromise, which Peters expects the council to vote on March 19, would require council approval on all Sanders cuts that exceed 10 percent of a department’s budget or $4 million. The proposal would provide more leeway to Sanders than the requirement the council adopted on Feb. 5, which would have forced the mayor to seek an OK before making any cut that “materially and substantially” impacted the levels of service the city provides.

Sanders had earlier criticized the Feb. 5 proposal for impeding his ability to streamline. The mayor is looking for cuts to help erase billion-dollar deficits in infrastructure and retirement costs, the cornerstone of his mayoralty. He had vowed to veto that law and to stage a referendum to overturn it if survived a veto.

Check back for a full story later this evening.


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