Thanks for all the comments on my airport authority reform bill. This is my first blog and it’s fun to respond to ideas quickly. This is an important issue for San Diego and your comments show that.   

The heart of the bill is better government, saving the taxpayers money, and connecting our airport planning to our cities and county governments. Our air transportation planning — not to mention our daily access to the airport — will be much improved when it is tied to mass transit, freeway and surface streets, a full transportation package.

That’s why SANDAG assumes the airport planning task under SB 10. That agency already plans all the other transportation in the county.

Regarding accountability, currently there is no way to remove an airport authority board member. SB 10 will hold members accountable and tie in local governments by requiring elected officials to serve — officials who can be “fired” by the voters at the next election, if need be.

I’m looking forward to more posting and will check in later!


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