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The mayor’s land-use czar, Jim Waring, has a letter up today. He puts some perspective on this dust-up with the Chargers, explaining why he wanted to highlight the fact that the city loses money hosting the Chargers’ games at Qualcomm Stadium:

[T]here was no way for the Chargers to know the cash cost to the city of putting on a game. And, frankly, under the terms of their lease that cost is not their problem. What I hoped to do was share the numbers with the team and see what, if anything, could possibly be done collectively to reduce or recover some of the cash cost. The answer might be nothing. But having the conversation could not hurt.

The Chargers were understandably upset by the appearance created at the unfortunate press conference of Monday. At this point no discussions are scheduled. The city and the Chargers will each continue to perform per the lease.

Again, read the whole letter here. And, remember, you can send a letter to us as well here.


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